Yachting Division

Verniciatura con effetto speciale
cromo su wally 130

Palini Vernici deals in the nautical sector, making full use of its consolidated experience in the painting of valuable manufactured products acquired in the Refinish and Industry sectors. The team of researchers and technicians is able to set up cycles and innovative customised technical solutions, to satisfy all the enquiries received. The company’s strong point is undoubtedly its extensive colorimetric range, which, besides the usual solid colors used in the nautical industry, allows the development of formulas with special and exclusive color effects (metallic, pearly, “shot effect” and chrome effect). Many design centres apply to our laboratories to carry out research into new chromatic effects and, thanks to the experience acquired, we are able to process new solutions compatible with specific application requirements. Furthermore, the company provides a local technical consultancy service run by qualified technicians.

Ciclo personalizzato per Sly Yachts

Technical training courses held on the company premises, can be booked for workers dealing in the sector. The research laboratory is able to develop products and specific, innovative colors to satisfy every customer requirement.

The product range offered has been selected to provide a simple solution to all the coating needs of the nautical sector by means of just a few very high quality products.

Moreover, the coating products have a low environmental impact and are in line with the strictest European regulations concerning emissions into the atmosphere.

The cycle has been optimized to achieve the maximum yield, covering power and speed of work. Thanks to the performance of the products, small amounts of damage (touchups) can be repaired easily, dealing only with the area concerned without having to paint the whole surface.

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