PALINAL is updating its MULTICRYL series thinners with a new dilution additive developed to improve performance in triple layer finishes and in the “multistripe” systems for multi-color finishes.

The dilution additive for triple layers code 075.T926 is used mainly in the first layer (926) of colors type 927 improving significantly their drying time.

It can also be used to thin type 926 colors as an alternative to the other MULTICRYL thinners when high film-thickness is required, such as multi-stripe industrial finishes with overlapping of multi-color stripes. Examples are buses, motorbike, commercial transport vehicles cabins, […].

075.T926 is recommended directly by the PalColorFinder software color recipe, effective from the 1.00.0116 update, released in November 2021.

The new dilution additive 075.T926 features and benefits are:

Fast dryingFaster process time and increased productivity
Stone chipping resistanceLess risk of repainting works
Reduced taping time: 20 to 30 minutesMulti-color finishes quicker and safer