In 2018, Vespa launched its first battery-powered motorcycle promoting a new relationship between vehicle and the environment. Also for this important green event, the Piaggio Group relied on the technical-colorimetric ability offered by Palini Vernici.
The special chrome finish that the Piaggio Group developed in collaboration with Palini Vernici's Style Center and Lab met the needs of the brand, leader in the two-wheeler motor vehicle market, which wished to equip the electric Vespa with a finish that highlighted its uniqueness.
 It was at the Palini Vernici Labs that the 719|C CHROME GREY 1K 928.K666 double layer finish was born. The cycle consisting of a filler, chromed base and clear coat was designed for a wet-on-wet application that guarantees maximum yield during the painting stage.
The qualitative and technological level of our product allowed full compliance with Piaggio's painting plant specifications as well as its subcontractors (separate components).
A painting solution that was appreciated and continues to be chosen by the Piaggio Group for its aesthetic uniqueness and technical reliability.

Our congratulations to Vespa Elettrica that this year, on the occasion of the twenty-sixth edition of the Compasso d'Oro, was awarded a Honorable Mention by the International Jury.  The prestigious award bestowed to the best in the design world reconfirms the "pioneering and innovative spirit of the Vespa brand, unique and unmistakable in the global mobility market".

A true work of art, a winning combination: an eco-friendly soul, Vespa Elettrica's unique design and Palini Vernici's passion for colors.
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