In the year 2000 Hydropal 120 was "born": the product series offering water-based high pigment concentration bases and binding agents that allow recreating more than 110,000 codes (matrixes and variants) of pastel, metalised, pearlescent and xyrallic colors for all the vehicles of the world.
Our appreciation of the actual needs of the final users and the constant commitment of our R&D Labs ensured over time major technological updates to the Hydropal 120 series.
Thanks to these updating interventions the system meets even the most modern painting needs with always excellent results in terms of aesthetics and process efficiency.

100XHP10 DARK ADDITIVE.  The new high performance additive dedicated to the Hydropal system, High Performance series.

Its use substantially improves the application of dark colors, eliminating thermo-plasticity phenomena, absorption and reduced aesthetic effects. Its use does not cause an increase in the ready-to-use price of the mixed color. Actually, the addition of the 100XHP10 additive (dosed in the formulation) saves the quantity of product needed for the application.

In the role of “normaliser of application viscosity” 100XHP10 can help users in the use of bases thickened due to their incorrect storage.

100XHP10 = the solution to the absorption problems caused by dark colors
                   = Lower application viscosity
                   = product savings
                   = improved spreadability of the final clear coat

100XHP10 is available in 0.5 L cans in 6-can packages.