873.6011/6022/6005 FAST-AIR HS FILLER

We are pleased to introduce the new FAST-AIR HS FILLER available in white (873.6011), black (873.6022), and medium gray (873.6005).

Its formulation, thanks to the latest available technologies, combines fast air-drying (60 minutes at 20°C) with excellent filling properties (120 ± 10 µm per coat, up to a maximum of 3 coats). These are key requirements in modern automotive bodywork increasingly focused on cost savings and sensitive to the environmental impact of products and cycles in use.

The innovative features of the FAST-AIR HS FILLER primer explain its entry into the SPECIAL line of the Refinish product range.

FAST-AIR HS FILLER offers several advantages that make it ideal for every type of daily bodyshop processing:

  • High filling power and thickness (120 ± 10 µm per coat)
  • Quick air drying (sands in just 60 minutes at 20°C)
  • Quick oven drying (sandable in just 10 minutes at 60°C)
  • Excellent sanding properties
  • No absorption of finishing paints
  • Customizable color: can be tinted with the Multicryl900 system bases offering endless chromatic possibilities.
  • Over-paintable with water-based or solvent-based products
FAST-AIR HS FILLER can be mixed 5:1 with the following new catalysts:
  • 293.6010         FAST-AIR RAPID HARDENER
  • 293.6020         FAST-AIR STANDARD HARDENER
according to the technical datasheet instructions located at this link: download TDS