It would have been unthinkable until recently to foresee the unprecedented situation we are all experiencing. In this context of uncertainty, Palini Vernici has clear ideas: opening up new opportunities to meet the expectations of the sector.

Polypal607, the cornerstone of our product selection for the "Light Industry" division has been meeting every industrial painting need since 1980. Modern technological solutions capable of responding successfully to a wide range of industrial applications.

Acrylic, polyurethane, DTM direct adhesion, nitro, epoxy, synthetic, fast-drying, micaceous iron effects, textured and embossed finishes ... for painting metal, alloy, plastic, cement, glass, wood and much more.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL, VERSATILE, COMPLETE: this is how we describe Polypal607, and this is how we summarize the keys of its success.

The success of Polypal607 at the global level is undoubtedly due to the system's ability to promptly meet the new needs and preferences of the market with options that are highly satisfying for the user in terms of colorimetric, technical-application properties, resistance and productivity.

A dynamic system projected towards technological growth through the development of new converters (there are currently over 60), constant progress in research and color management tools, and the optimization of increasingly accurate and effective color solutions.

With the introduction of the EXTRA BLACK base, code 607.0033, new opportunities opened up in the chromatic area of black colors that can be replicated with the Polypal607 mixing system. This represents a significant improvement in the colorimetry offered by the industrial system, which is thus upgraded to the highest quality.

The Carbon Black pigment is at the base of the formulation of the new base, used in the best body shop systems of the sector. The use of this pigment makes it possible to obtain completely new shades of black in terms of intensity and depth.  Maximum quality in the reproducibility of black colors and better covering power for easier retouching.

More than 500 colors will benefit from the inclusion of the 607.0033 base, and their formulation will be available in Palcolorfinder from the February update (DB DATA: 1.00.0109) that will be distributed in March.

  For ease of identification in the Palcolorfinder formulation management system, the colors developed by our color laboratories with the new Extra Black base will be added to the current ones and differentiated by using the "/NE" code.  By way of example, the RAL 9005 color will have two different options: the /NE version that requires the use of the new EXTRA BLACK base, and the existing version without the 900.0033 base.

The new 607.0033 EXTRA BLACK base is in stock under the following terms:

607.0033(3)EXTRA BLACK2 pieces4 KN€ 40.02