Palini Vernici is pleased to introduce to the market a new air drying clear coat that guarantees top quality level with excellent hardness and workability features combined with exceptional brightness and aesthetic results.

The formulation of the 223.0550 | UHS Superfast Clear 2:1 offers for different processes (retouching and full work)  fast drying times even in extreme environmental conditions, including low temperature and high humidity, all without the need to use the temperature in the oven-cabin.
223.0550 is dust free after 15 minutes and dries in 40 minutes at room temperature - even in critical conditions (T° 10°-15°C and relative humidity > 80/90%).

UHS Superfast Clear 2:1 improves bodyshop productivity and profitability – its use allows freeing the spray booth after only 15 minutes of ventilation from application - and to reduce to zero the operating costs of the oven-cabin because it does not require baking.

Main product advantages:

  • Fast drying - quick in spot repairs
  • It never requires the use of power to heat the cabin
  • Exceptional brightness and final appearance
  • Easy application - with excellent spreading and vertical applicability
  • 2:1 catalysis ratio according to client needs and use
  • Eco-sustainable product Low VOC (<330 G/L) to safeguard operator's health and respect the environment
 To reduce processing time and save energy we recommend to order 223.0550 that will be available in stock from 15/09/2021

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