With the software update ready for release in April (DB data: 1.00.0110) in addition to the usual inclusion of new color recipes, the new search version with the SPECTROFIGHTER PRO-5 spectrophotometer will be automatically installed and enabled in the stations where the 5-angle reading spectrophotometer (MA5) is connected.
The new PRO-5 software version makes it possible to take full advantage of the readings performed with the SPECTROFIGHTER instrument at 5 reading angles (15° - 25° - 45° - 75° and 110 degrees).

The mathematical search and correction algorithms in the software have been further optimized and structurally expanded with calculations deriving from the new information provided by the angles at 15° and 110° resulting in an improvement of:

  • Target color search upon first reading
  • Optimization and correction of the result obtained - both in flash (thanks to the 15° angle) and in flop (thanks to the 110° angle)
  • Improvement in the correction of dark colors

The SPECTROFIGHTER PRO-5 version is easily identifiable by its new logo:

This is a further step forward made possible by technological innovation that confirms the SPECTROFIGHTER search system as a tool of the highest quality to make the identification and replication of colors SIMPLER and FASTER.