The desire to give "a new look" to the technical data sheets of the Car-Refinish division has the goal of making the operators' work at body shops easier and faster thanks to a quicker and more effective presentation of the information.

In fact, it is clear how important it is to find and follow the instructions to use the product, whatever it may be, to take full advantage of its application.
Aware of how advantageous it was to pay more attention to this aspect, Palini Vernici invested in the restyling of its TDS.
Thanks to the new layout, each operator can find a step-by-step guide to the correct and best use of each product. Clients are provided with all the technical information necessary to enjoy a positive experience when using the product and fully benefit and appreciate its handiness and characteristics.

The new data sheet layout was inspired by the values of simplicity, quickness and universality.
Quick and effective browsing of the technical data sheet is part of a wider concept of efficiency and process optimization that results in time savings for the user.

There are two main concepts that guided the drafting of the new Palini Vernici Refinish technical data sheets:
1. Each TDS acts as a "user manual". Our priority is to best meet the end user's need for technical knowledge. This explains the choice of including the "technical grid" as the first piece of information, then a more descriptive section illustrating the product features and strengths.
2. The "technical grid" is organized in blocks: the information is provided fully respecting the time sequence of the different processing stages.

- SANDING (where required)


The model adopted for drafting the new TDS ensures simple and immediate browsing; moreover, thanks to the new layout the information is easier to acquire, supporting the visual and photographic memory of the user.
The new TDS "speak" 5 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

Browsing the following link you will be able to  access the world of the new Refinish TDS by Palini Vernici.