Automotive & motorbike designers and style centers are constantly looking for new and original solutions to surprise and stimulate consumer interest.
Painting, with its colors and effects, plays a primary role in the ambitious goal of stirring new emotions and providing new exciting experiences for the buyer. In other words, painting, with its attractive and sophisticated designs, plays an important role in defining new preferences and taste trends.
In this context, the matt effect stands out above all others, the elegant and sophisticated "dress" that supercars and city cars alike love to wear. This explains the increasing number of matt color repairs in body shops.
The challenges associated with repairing matt finishes can be overcome with technologically advanced products. Thus Palini Vernici laboratories created 923.MAT5 CLEAR COAT MATT_ADJUSTABLE, 2 gloss clear coat that can be mixed with the glossy clear coats 223SHINE | FLASH | SPEED of Premium line, to obtain intermediate degrees of opacity, up to 75 gloss.

It can be mixed with other Premium Line clear coatsIt allows obtaining the required degree of opacity, depending on the mixing with the gloss clear coat.
A clear coat developed with specific resinsExceptional scratch and weather resistance (even in industrial environments)
Fast drying time : 30’ at 60°CIncreased processing efficiency and productivity.

Download 923.MAT5 datasheet: download.

923.MAT5 is available in 1 L cans in a 3-can package.