Professionalism and Commitment: PALINI VERNICI established itself as a major Company in the supply, in first and second plant, of products for painting OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) plastic products. A dedicated team of specialists is committed with passion and precision in developing highly technological products & cycles, and innovative and sophisticated color effects in compliance with the strictest quality and colorimetric standards required by car manufacturers. The ability to develop products suitable for the characteristics of each painting plant while maintaining compliance with the specifications. The flexibility of a modern production plant that, while complying with the stringent IATF 16949 standards, also allows the production of batches sized according to the client's needs. A group of technical support assistants specialised in the automotive field constantly and promptly supports each user at its own plant. The Lab and PALINI VERNICI Style Center are working side by side and jointly with the client's Style Center, thus developing together cycles and aesthetic effects fully responding to different needs.


Bright Tixo two-pack clear coat


Matt finish two-pack clear coat


Semi-matt two-pack clear coat


metalised and pastel matt base


2K direct gloss enamel with pastel colours


2K direct gloss enamel with pastel and metalised colours


Black two-pack primer for ABS, ABS-PC, ABS-PA substrates


Black conductive two-pack primer for ABS, ABS-PP substrates


Black two-pack primer for ABS & ABS-PP substrates