Product description

It is the fastest filling acrylic filler of the refinishing range both for air drying and oven drying. It can be over painted after 20 minutes in the open air or 5-10 minutes in the oven, until 15 days after its application. With the matt base of the 120 HighPerformance series and the 223SPEED clear coat, the 873.SP77 filler is part of the EXTRASPEED cycle that allows performing repairs in just 45 minutes with major savings in terms of time, product and thermal energy.


  • Speed & Savings: 20 minutes in the open air, 5-10 minutes at 60°C
  • insulating| Filling power: 100-200 µ . Continuous application starting from the second coat
  • It facilitates covering Available in the following colors: White, Black, Grey and any additional shade of grey (for mixing)
  • Good adhesion on all substrates, including plastics
  • Anticorrosive properties. Applicable on non sanded cataphoresis
  • Exceptional sanding characteristics
  • It can be over painted with solvent-based | water-based products
  • Low environmental impact


5-10 ' 60°C
20-30' 20°C

5-10 ' 60°C
20-30' 20°C

2 coats : 100 µ
4 coats :  200µ

20' 20°C
10' 40°C
 5' 60°C


Catalysis (b)

  • 6*1.00 LT
  • 2*2.50 LT

Color variant

• WHITE873.SP11
• BLACK873.SP22
• GREY873.SP77


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