Product description

It is the water-soluble 1K, VOC 70 g|l filler that performs the function of both wet on wet and insulating filler. A technology designed to speed up processing: It can be over painted after only 2-3 minutes with a forced air system or 20 minutes at 20°C, if used in the 100F7035 insulating filler version it can be sanded after 30 minutes at 60°C or 2 hours at 20°C. It is mainly used for painting replaced sheet metal, pre-processed with cataphoresis, or in all the processing where high thicknesses are not required.


  • Water-soluble technology, 1K. VOC = 70g|l
  • Wet on wet (W|W) or Insulating (I) filler:
  • Fast processing : it can be over painted after 2-3 minutes with venturi air or 20 minutes at 20°C (W|W) It can be sanded after 30 minutes at 60° or 2h at 20°C (I)
  • Excellent adhesion on iron, aluminum, phosphated or electro-galvanised sheet metal, fiberglass, ABS type plastics
  • It facilitates covering. Available in the following colors: White, Black, Grey and any other shade of grey (for mixing)
  • Filler with good sanding characteristics in the Insulating version
  • It can be over painted with solvent-based | water-soluble products


I: 2' 20°C
   30' 60°C

W|W: 20 minutes 20°C
         2-3' with forced air

I : 80-100µ
W|W : 30-40µ

2h 20°C
30' 60°C
40' 40°C



  • 3*1.00 LT

Color variant

• WHITE100F1111
• BLACK100F2222
• GREY100F7035


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