Product description

Acrylic clear coat 2K a one of a kind product. Making use of a fully innovative technology, our laboratories have optimised a revolutionary solvent-based clear coat characterised for its low environmental impact featuring a VOC 330 g|l and thus a very high dry residue. 223W.AIR does not need oven drying and guarantees, even in the most extreme conditions (Temperature: 10 | 15°C , Relative humidity 80|90%) extremely fast air-drying. It can be polished after just 40 minutes if ventilated for 20 minute at 20°C. 223W.AIR allows real savings in terms of time, energy and cost for the use and wear and tear of the cabin. An excellent finish in terms of brightness, spreadability, fullness, resistance and durability over time.


  • Low environmental impact: VOC 330 g/l High dry residue
  • Air drying. No need for oven drying.
  • Speed: It can be polished after 40 minutes if ventilated for 20 minutes at 20°C
  • Suitable also under extreme weather conditions T :10|15°C, RH : 80|90%
  • Excellent aesthetic results: brightness, spreadability, fullness
  • Film resistance and durability
  • In compliance with the regulations for use in body shops No. 2004/42/IIB (d)

1/2 + 1

40-70' after ventilation

40-70' after ventilation


Catalysis (b) 100%

DILUTION (c) 0-5%

  • 6*1.00 LT
  • 4*5.00 LT