Product description

The new high performance additive. Its development and introduction allowed improving both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the Hydropal, High Performance system. 100XHP10 Dark Additive improves the application of dark colors, eliminating thermo-plasticity phenomena, absorption and reduced aesthetic effects. In addition, the use of the additive, dosed directly in the recipe, reduces the quantity of product needed. Thus, the user can benefit from it also in terms of savings. In addition 100XHP10, when not exceeding 10% , helps to normalise the application viscosity (125/125 HP) favoring (to a certain degree) the use bases thickened due to incorrect storage.


  • Lowers absorption, in particular on dark colors;
  • Ensures a lower application viscosity;
  • Allows saving product in the painting stage;
  • Improves spreadability of the final clear coat;

  • 6*0.50 LT