Product description

Glossy two-pack Anti-Scratch acrylic clear coat with high solids residue, even at spray viscosity. A high level aesthetic result for brightness and spreading. Excellent resistance over time.


  • Good filling power, dilatation, brightness and hardness
  • High resistance to light and atmospheric agents.
  • Effect lens is minimized on shade areas in case of retouching
  • Applicable on water soluble |solvent solvent based products

1/2 + 1

50-60 µ

24h 20°C
15' flash time 60°C + 45'

24h 20°C
15' flash time 60°C + 45'


Catalysis (b) 50%

DILUTION (c) 20%

  • 6*1.00 LT
  • 4*5.00 LT

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