Product description

3:1 high solid two-pack polyurethane filler. Fast drying and easy to be sanded, both dry and wet, it is the filling filler used in industrial painting and repair body shop.


  • igh filling characteristics 200 µ dry film
  • Easy dry and wet sandability.
  • Excellent spreading
  • Fast drying even at low temperatures using the 874.FAST fast catalyst
  • It can be over painted with water-soluble and solvent based products


4-5h 20°C
30' 60°C


4-5h 20°C
30’ 60°C


Catalysis (b) 33%

DILUTION (c) 20%

  • 6*1.00 LT
  • 2*3.00 LT

Color variant

• BEIGE873.3001
• GREY873.7038
• WHITE873.9010

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