Product description

Epoxy filler for wet on wet applications, with high chemical resistance and anti-corrosion characteristics. 881.7777 features an excellent adherence level on iron (possibly sanded), sanded aluminium and on well-degresead and sanded galvanised sheet metals. It is the ideal product for painting industrial vehicles, chassis and metalwork in general. It is also suited for painting cement floors as well as solvent-containing or chemical substance containing tanks.


  • Wet on wet epoxy filler
  • Excellent anti-corrosive properties and excellent adherence on iron, aluminium, and galvanised sheet metal
  • Applicable by brush, roller and spray gun
  • It can be over painted with water-soluble | solvent-based products


20°C : 60'

60’ 20°C water|solvent

50 - 60 µ

40-60’   60°C
12-24h  20°C
According to the hardener


Catalysis (b)


  • 2*3.00 LT
  • 1*25.00 KN

Color variant

• WHITE881.1111
• GREY881.7777
• BLACK881.9005
• RED881.9999

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