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EXCLUSIVE YACHTING MIX is the series of products composed of high pigment concentration and converters that allows reproducing through a colorimetric system over 90,000 pastel, metalised, pearlescent and xyrillic colour codes to pain yachts, pleasure boats and sail boats interiors and exteriors. The colors of all the yachting vessels of the world are available as well as a vast variety of sophisticated and innovative pastel colours and those in the double-layer version and in direct gloss version depending on the converter used.

- High-technological content solutions to ensure:

  • Maximum chemical | physical characteristics and durability over time: the matt base and the enamels available are tested under extreme weather conditions typical of the nautical sector. It is possible to paint substrates in gel coat, carbon fibre, iron and plastic parts (ABS - NYLON)
  •  Top-notch aesthetic results: no stains and easy application also on large surfaces.
  •  The easy and fast retouching capability of the colour allows performing localised interventions limited to the damaged area. The colour ability to perfectly match the original color grants a high quality camouflage result.
- Unique color variety and effects. Over 90,000 colour codes. Colour solutions that are exclusive and unique. Customised colours on client request.

By installing the ExclusiveYachting Mix colorimetric system:
  • Any pastel, metalised and pearlescent color can be reproduced. Even in small quantities.
  • By mixing the bases with the specific converters, it is possible to obtain:
Base coat matt, metalised and pearlescent colors  (TDS)
Base coat matt, pastel colours  (TDS)
Triple layer  (TDS)
Dedicated Palcolorfinder formulation recipe book

2K direct gloss enamel, pastel colours  (TDS)
2K direct gloss enamel, pastel colours for large surfaces  (TDS)
Dedicated Palcolorfinder formulation recipe book

  • Thanks to the Spectrofighter spectrophotometer, at any time and anywhere in the world it is possible search and quickly identify the formulation required to reproduce the colour detected, whichever that may be. 
  • A dedicated colour recipe book software is provided. The software allows also to create and save customised colour formulations.

Exclusive yachting Mix is supported by reliable and constantly updated tools for searching and managing coloursand it is integrated in a high performance and comprehensive range of complementary products.

yachting Mix
Concentrated bases 49
Converter 4
Pastel, metallic, pearl colors > 90.000
Matte base
2K direct glossy
Color search with 5-angle spectrum color optimization system (automatic and real correction)
Visual references of color
Direct colorimetric assistance

Stirrer colorimeter YACHTING

Stirrer colorimeter with 1 litre and 3.75 litre positions.


High-precision portable bench scale for professional use. Maximum capacity 7.1 Kg.

The new generation user interface with large touch-screen display and high contrast. The backlit display "white on black" improves visibility also from different angles and at a distance.

It can be connected to a computer via USB cable also acting as a power supply. A single cable for a simple and immediate installation.


Personal Computer Desktop.