Formula management

Palcolorfinder® is an App containing the list and all color formulations and available colors offered by the PALINAL color systems.
It covers all CAR-REFINISH, MOTORBIKE, RAL, PANTONE, NCS, ACE, YACHTING and more sector of applications.
A heritage and historical memory of colorimetry, Palcolorfinder® gives access to a database of over 900,000 formulations, matrix colors and their variants, in the different series. It is regularly updated on a monthly basis.
For consultation, the list of colors is organised in an index structured by manufacturer name / color code / model / year. 

Colors index
contact us to receive Palcolorfinder completed of color formulas as a trial.


To support color research, an advanced spectrophotometric offer is available for all PALINAL color systems, consisting of:
1. Spectrophotometers of the latest generation both with 3 and 5 angles.
2. The sophisticated SPECTROFIGHTER software allows searching for any target color even with effect, even with multiple layers; and if deemed appropriate to optimise the first proposed formulation.
3. A database of more than 90,000 colors (updated monthly), structured over the years and developed with the most advanced tools available, able to offer fully satisfactory answers right from the first search.
The effectiveness of the SPECTROFIGHTER system facilitates the work of the colorist reducing time and optimising color reproduction.