The Yachting line includes:

  • Primers and fillers, designed for application on all the substrates existing in modern shipbuilding. The range of products also includes universal fillers, suitable for application on different materials.
  • Transparent finishes with high hardness and aesthetic yield both in the glossy and matt version.
  • "Spot Repair kit" for fast interventions consisting of filler, base, clear coat designed to allow the easiest and quickest repair also dockside. The packaging allows easy shipment by air for overseas interventions.

In addition, both direct glossy enamels and water-based base coat are available for interior painting. The color can be supplied ready to use or, alternatively, directly prepared by the user using the PALINAL EXCLUSIVE YACHTING MIX color system. The client will be supported by our technical support staff to guarantee the best painting result in all conditions. The colorimetric assistance is also available for color management and it is easily accessible thus immediately providing the support of a qualified specialist. For a more effective remote assistance, the clients, wherever they are, can share spectral data with the Palini color laboratory.