Product description

Wet-on-wet 2K insulating filler for quick open air processing. After only 20 minutes at 20°C the filler can be over painted with the possibility of sanding any small impurities. The filler allows direct application on cataphoresis, even if it is not sanded. 873.GT05 can also be used as an insulating filler- medium filler; if used as a traditional filler, it can be sanded after 15 minutes at 60°C or 2 hours at 20°C.


  • Fast processing in the open air: wet | wet filler (W|W) 20 minutes at 20°C
  • Filling medium-insulating filler (I): It can be sanded after 15minutes at 60°C or 2h at 20°C
  • Adhesion on non-sanded cataphoresis
  • Perfect spreading, absence of absorption and signs of any areas worked with putty, no risk of dripping
  • It facilitates covering. Available in the following colors: White, Black, Grey, Colorless and all shades of grey for mixing
  • Also suitable for partial applications
  • It can be over painted with water-soluble |solvent-based products


W|W : 20' 20°C
I       : 2h 20°C
           15' 60°C

W/W : 20' 20°C
 I       : 2h 20°C
           15' 60°C

40-60 µ

W|W : 20' 20°C
I       : 2h 20°C
           15' 60°C


Catalysis (b)


  • 6*1.00 LT
  • 1*25.00 KN

Color variant

• GREY873.GT05
• WHITE873.GT11
• BLACK873.GT22


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