We are a family business with a strong sense of continuity. We believe that sustainability is not only a moral duty towards the entire ecosystem, but also an obligation towards our children and a commitment to the user of our product, the real future of this company. Satisfying growth and development needs in such as way as not to compromise future generations: Palini Vernici has the goal of cooperating to this project in an effective way, acquiring an increasingly significant role. Once again "Innovation" is our answer; we are constantly investing in technology and research of new generation materials and new green solutions.

For some time now, the PALINI VERNICI lab has been formulating lead-free paints, water-based and low VOC products and cycles. Every year we set more and more stringent and demanding targets with energy saving as their goal. Thus, air-drying products and extra fast cycles are born in order to minimise oven drying times and reduce the environmental impact caused by cabin consumption. Attention to the waste of materials and energy in production processes, careful management of waste produced with a view to recycling and, where possible, recovery: here are some simple examples of a strong propensity to protect the environment. The involvement of all staff is essential, the sharing and awareness of all staff makes the result more effective.